Hack My Derby

Attack Derby V1!

Attack Derby Protocol V1

So, this year the Hack My Derby project is trying something new. If you're familiar with the project, you'll recall that previous incarnations have been a self-contained CTF in a derby. It feels really weird to say that, but I'm starting to consider the problem of a reliable "Datacenter in a hat" to be a SOLVED PROBLEM. We tackled many issues in 2015 to make this project work, and then a few nice-to-haves in 2016. Today, I could churn out a new derby identical to 2016's and just put new flags on it. That's boring. We've had many conversations with others and one topic has come up a few times. What if we had Derby's that "attacked" each other. This seems like a fun new problem to tackle, so that's what we're doing this year.

Watch this page for information as it's available. We have a parts list together, you can find it on the build page. Software is still coming along, that will likely come as a custom raspbian image, or some sort of deployment tool. We're hoping for enough interest top make this a lot of fun! Share this page!